Book of Dead slot machine

Introducing one of the world’s most popular games, or to be honest, the most recognizable online game in the great ocean of slots.

Nowadays, among the huge number of games presented, Book of Dead slot has taken a worthy place. It opens to the player in the form of a book. What is inside this edition? Everything is dedicated to the search for the ancient treasures of Egypt. This slot very quickly fell in love with a large number of users of online casinos. The slot dates back as far as 2016. And is still in the top places of the best slots according to many casinos. When an ancient book opens in front of you, which is so unknown and alluring, it is difficult to resist what not to look into it. And when you realize how much wealth you can get, you have no choice at all. And you are already solving the mysteries of the ancient world!

The people who created this game are clearly close to the theme of treasure, the Egyptian pyramids and all the secrets. Suffice it to recall the famous movies about mummies. They always attracted the audience with their colors and traps. And the book style design makes it as close to the theme of antiquity as possible.

The developers replaced the main character, also updated the design. All of these improvements gave the output a fresh great interesting slot. Light pleasant tone, there are no black and white pictures. Almost one hundred percent of players leave only positive reviews. And it speaks for itself – Book of Dead slot, the best game!

book of dead slot 1

In our usual slots we’ve always seen symbols of cards from a ten and up to an ace, but here we get a slightly different picture. Ancient Egyptian relics appear. So there is a caste of gods, it includes the Pharaoh, Gore in the form of a falcon and Anubis, it is a combination of man and wolf. The win depends on the combination and the number of symbols that appear on the reels. Falling Pharaoh gives the player a payout of up to two thousand coins, a nice bonus. The largest number of coins will give the appearance of a rich man, if the drums will appear a few pictures with them, the player will receive a prize of ten to five thousand coins.

book of dead slot 2

The game is very popular among men, the maximum winnings of the game, as it may seem to many, not very big. But falling out winning combinations are so frequent in Book of Dead slot that makes up for it to a much greater extent. All fans of medium stakes, welcome to our game. Maximum payouts will do their job and will not let go. It’s better to win and pick up a hundred times a thousand than wait for one jackpot.

In this slot, you can hit the jackpot only if you manage to solve all the mysteries of the secret book. This gold framed edition of the scarab beetle is the main prize symbol.

book of dead slot 3

A great bonus of the game is the mythical artifact, this is one of the icons that will multiply the winnings many times. The multiplier increases the total bet and is added to the winnings already on the total lines. If, for example, the field will appear at once three books, your profit doubles the bet, if the books will be four, then the increase will be twenty times, and five books will make you richer as much as two hundred times.

But it’s not just these profitable features that have made Book of Dead slot famous. Another option that helps the player to increase their winnings is free spins. It appears on a roll of three or more pictures and there is an automatic rotation of the reels ten times. And remember, they are absolutely free.

book of dead slot 4

But the surprises do not end there. After the free spins, another bonus awaits the player. At the start of the extra game, the machine completely randomly chooses the expanding symbol. If the winning combination falls out with it, it fills the entire field, and it gives the player a chance to hit a huge jackpot. That’s where the real test of your luck comes in.

Another of the main features of the Book of Dead slot is the ability to multiply the bet already earned by several times. Button fall winning combinations machine turns into a button to start the bonus game. So in front of you, as if roulette. Spin and earn.

How it happens: an upside-down card appears on the screen in front of the player and he is asked to choose a suit or color. If he guesses red or black, the bet will be doubled, and if he hits the suit, the whole winnings will be quadrupled. And the best part of all this is that you can guess these suits or colors until the winning series is over. It turns out the main thing is not to make a mistake, and you can play as many times as you want, until the answer to the picture on the screen. It all depends on the excitement and intelligence of the player. It is better to shoot more after the right cards than to try to increase the number of matches. This method works well in the slot Book of Dead.

book of dead slot 5

We advise you to plunge into the world of solid winnings and exciting adventures of ancient Egypt with Book of Dead slot in any online casino. You can also play with any mobile device that runs on different platforms. No need to download any additional applications and install them. Everything is absolutely simple and does not require much time. Don’t forget to only put it on your charger, because you’re sure to spend a lot of time in the game world. Everything in this game is thought out and made for the convenience of the players. You can put both low and high stakes. Do not worry about the withdrawal of winnings to your account, card, etc. A large number of online casinos are cooperating with us and guarantee the withdrawal of money to your account.